23 Weeks: Boy or Girl?

by - 11:15 PM

I’m on my 23rd week of pregnancy and still have no idea on my baby's gender. I have a few more weeks left before my next ultrasound, so I just need to hang on a little bit to that suspense. Anyway, I think I'll play more gender guessing game with CA (the hubby). LOL!

Anong gusto mo, babae or lalake? (What gender do you prefer, a girl or a boy?)

I've been asked this question for several times by friends and relatives.

Before, whenever me and CA talk about having a family, we always had this friendly argument over the gender of our first born. Obviously, my husband wants a boy and, of course, I want to have a girl. That's typically how it goes, right?!

But now that we're facing the reality, the realization sets in - gender doesn't really play a big role in pregnancy, having a baby, and starting a new family. Instead, we just want to have a healthy baby, that is all that matters. Nothing else!

And every time I am being asked, I always say -

"Whichever the Lord will give us, as long as the baby is healthy and normal, and we're both safe during the delivery. I couldn't ask for more."


But then I still tease my husband that we're having a baby girl. Lol! I just can't help it, I really feel that my little swimmer is a girl. *grin*

We just can't wait. We're counting the days already till our next appointment with the OB and the mystery will soon be revealed!

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