A Friend's Gift

by - 1:48 PM

While going through my old stuff, I found this cute little figurine. This was given to me on my birthday by a very good friend I met back in college. I remember, this figurine has a story behind it and why it was given to me.

Her name is Marge, a smart and intellectual strong-willed woman. She's a trustworthy confidant, a good listener, a great adviser, and most of all she will never judge you no matter what. We've shared great wonderful and fun college years and just like any other friends we've had some tampuhans too. *smiles*

She like a sister to me, we perfectly understood each other. Why? Because we had the same family situation and we're both an only child. I guess that's what bonded us together.

To my dear friend, thank you so much for everything, for your unending patience, and your undying support. You know that you will always be a part of my life and you will always have my back. Thank you for your gift! And just like the story behind it, our friendship will never ever drift away. Cheers to us!

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