Chocolates! They're Just Wrappers.

by - 11:55 AM

Four days ago, I cleaned all my stuff to make room for my baby's things and this is what I found, CHOCOLATES! Yup, but they're all chocolate wrappers. You see, I'm a self-imposed collector - stationery, stickers, stamps, paper bags, and anything that I could think of.

If I remember it right, these were all my collection way back 15-years ago, I was still in high school then. But of course, I did stop from BUT not on eating chocolates. LOL!

And since I need space for my baby's stuff, I have to decide whether I should throw everything away OR just make something good out of it.

Thank goodness for all the wonderful craft blogs, there are a lot of inspirations to choose for a planned DIY project. Let's see how will it go.

Anyone noticed my favorite chocolate?!

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