From Spain, with Love.

by - 11:13 PM

I'm a bit sad that I wasn't able to attend the Baby Company's Grand Baby Fair today. I was planning to buy some stuff for the baby and get a Mom Card, and possibly have a free Swag Bag from them too. It's just that people around here won't allow me to go out anymore. My dad, mom, and my hubby, they're like a tag team! Telling me it's not safe because of the recent bombing and threats, and also I'm already on my 8th month. So here I am, stuck in my bed playing GodsWar on Facebook.

But anyway, there's still a reason to be happy and excited at all because yesterday I got this Marks & Spencer pasalubong from my half-sister. My niece brought this home all the way from Spain. I love the color, not too girlish and white is my favorite too.

Thank you!!! Love it so much! Can't wait for my baby girl to wear all of it!

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