Things to Bring: Getting Ready for the Big Day!

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There are 2 months left before the much awaited moment and I'm not sure if I gathered everything for the delivery day. I've read some articles that as early as now I have to prepare my things, and the baby's too, because any moment (I hope not too soon) I might go on premature labor and deliver the baby earlier than expected. Which makes it really important to be ready with all the things you need to bring to the hospital.

Here, I'm going to share what's in my bag and how I came up with my list.

First off, and the most important thing that needs to be done, is to MAKE A LIST. Have a small pad or perhaps a notebook that is only dedicated for your things-to-bring. Bring it anywhere with you - on a doctor's appointment, if you're in a grocery, or just around the house. Make sure that your pen and paper is within your reach so anytime that something pops out of your mind you can jot it down right away.

Second, categorize or group your list - and if needed, add subcategories. The main purpose of this is to avoid confusion on your list and to be sure everything was included according to each person's needs. What I did, I divided my checklist into four - the baby's, mine, the hubby's, and the important documents.

Here's what I came up with:

FOR THE BABY ***tip: put all your baby's things in a separate bag.
• newborn diaper
• receiving blanket AND clothes to be used AFTER the delivery
• mittens, booties, and bonnets
• "bigkis" to cover the navel
• extra clothes for the baby
• extra blankets
• wash cloth and "lampins"
• bolsters and small pillows
• baby oil, baby powder, wipes, cottons
• clean feeding bottles

FOR ME ***tip: it's okay to use 1 bag for yours and hubby's things, as long as the baby will have a separate one.
• clothes and undergarments
• extra pillow & my favorite blanket
• towel and wash cloth
• maternity pads and adult diaper
• toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, & shampoo
• alcohol, tissue, and cotton
• eyebrow pencil, cheek tint, and lip balm *LOL! Pa-kikay pa rin!*
• digicam and charger (don't forget to snap your first moments with the little one!)
• mobile phone and charger
• laptop and charger
• wallet

DOCUMENTS ***tip: put everything in a long clear plastic envelope and let your hubby know what documents are inside.
• admission slip
• pregnancy notebook (the one you bring on your regular checkups)
• laboratory result (for personal reference, the doctor has her own copy as well)
• SSS and PhilHealth forms and documents
• IDs or Identifications
• ballpen

FOR THE HUBBY ***tip: ask your hubby what he needs to bring so you could list it down too.
• money for the hospital bill
• extra money for other expenses, and
• well, the rest is up to him. LOL! *kidding*
• extra clothes and undergarments
• towel and wash cloth
• toothbrush (we'll share the toothpaste, soap, and shampoo)
• and whatever he needs to bring

That sums up my list. I'm not sure though if this is the final one because who knows, maybe I'll come up with more. BUT, do keep in mind that you only need to bring important things and things that you know you would use for 2-3 days. The hubby, your guardian, or someone who's helping you around can always go home and bring more things if you're required to stay longer at the hospital.

I hope I get to help you get ready on your big day. And if you think I have something missing out on my list, do let me know! *wink*

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