36 Weeks: Getting Near!

by - 12:43 AM

I'm on my 36th week already, which makes it fall on the 9th month. I'm so excited as I'm nearing the big day. Pretty much I can say that I'm ready with everything - our bags are packed, the documents needed are complete, and we are financially ready as well.

I also discussed with my doctor that I wanted to experience the pain of giving birth and decided not to get an epidural at all, or perhaps it could be my last option. I just really hope that I can stand everything until the "repair". You see, I have a high threshold for pain which I got from my mom. However, childbirth is different but I'm not stressing myself too much about it. All I'm thinking now is my baby, I just can't wait to see her! How she would look like, how she would cry, her smell... I'm sure, the day of her birth would be really PRICELESS!!! 

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