38 Weeks: Last Minute Changes

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Only 2-weeks left before my due date and we decided to change our OB. This was really unexpected but we decided to consult a different doctor and we are way satisfied with everything.

As our new doctor was going through my records from the previous one, we were all surprised when she explained to me that there were laboratory tests that were supposedly made before that weren't done and said that I needed to do more tests as I am nearing the due date. We talked about what to expect and what I need to do before, during, and after the labor. She also explained to me the reasons why there is a need for a C-section and what will happen afterward. These, by the way, were not discussed by my previous doctor, this 'educating' session with my new OB didn't ever happen with my previous one. So I'm really glad we got a second opinion and our doctor accepted me even if I'm nearing my full quarter now.

Last week was such a mess and I'm really thankful that we now have a peace of mind. At this moment, we're just waiting for THE day and hopefully, I will have a safe, normal, and healthy delivery.

Thank God for everything! I'm so happy I have a very supportive family.

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  1. I'm so excited for you. Good thing you found a better doctor. I'm really anticipating giving birth as well. We have our own last minute changes as well .... to the 2nd name of our baby. hehehe.

  2. uy lapit na, good luck. Hope you can join my giveaway too.

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    thanks much.

  3. hi! thanks for the comment you left on my blog. We're really so happy that Ziggy has arrived. We're sure you'll give birth any time now too. :D Good luck! Best wishes!