Johnson's Baby: Pink all the Way!

by - 12:35 PM

Growing up, I've always been a fan of Johnson's baby products. From powder to cologne, and to lotions. I just simply love their scent!

Now that I'm giving birth soon, I made sure that my little bundle of joy will experience the magic of the products I used since birth. And because we're having a girl, we want it pink all the way! So we got our little girl her own Johnson's Baby products, all in pinks. So girly, Yay! *giggles*

Trust me, they all smell so good and, of course, heavenly!

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  1. My baby use that too..pero parang hindi ata sya hiyang..when she turns one siguro papagamit ko uli sa kanya J&J products..

    happy PF!

  2. wow love johnson too but only powder and milk bath

    happy pf

  3. wow! a lot of J&J users here! :)

    shengkay: i was thinking na baka hindi din maging hiyang yung baby ko kaya maliit muna binili ko. cross-fingers! :)

    melandria: nice to hear that you're expecting too! safe delivery for us!