To My Daughter's Father.. ♥♥♥

by - 10:42 PM

Today marks our 7th year of being together. Our relationship has gone through a lot of ups and downs. But without these, we would never become the person we are right now and we would never value our relationship as much as we do now.

Lessons have been learned, realizations have been made, and forgiveness has been given.

Whatever happened in the past made our relationship stronger.

To you, we're now married and expecting our baby girl, I'm looking forward to more fruitful years with you. May God guide us and bless our family.

Happy 7th year anniversary! I love you so much!

"All it takes is another chance to make things right."

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  1. GRABE, nagbaha ug luha diri gaw. eheheh Happy 7th Anniversary sa inyong duha :)

  2. char kaayo ka gaw!!! hahaha! thank you! :)