Uninspired: It's Okay Not To Expect

by - 1:56 PM

For many years I've always set my mind not to expect as it will only lead to frustration, disappointment, and depression. This worked for me as I'm a kind of person who always has a higher expectation in every goal I set and if it's not accomplished, I get disappointed big time. That's how I am. I know it's not good and I am perfectly aware of that. Nobody's perfect and no situation is perfect, however, I've always believed that we can do our best and take an extra mile for it to get the best out of it.

Yesterday was different, I forgot all about this. I was placed in a position where I was given no choice but to follow. I've expected so much on and I worked hard to get it that I almost forgot that it could go the other way from what I'm expecting. I guess, too much persistence and excitement drive me to think that it will happen the way I want to. Then it hit me.

I was too focused.

Now the reality is sinking in and I am frustrated and sad. I just keep on reminding myself,

"You can't have it your way, you need to consider. There's no room for you to be scared. You have to be strong! You need to be strong... for yourself and for everyone. God will make a way. Have faith."

I know I'll be okay; it’ll just take time until I accept things. And I know I can… for me, for my baby, and for my hubby.

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