My (Secret) Birthday Wish

by - 12:59 AM

1 more month and I'll be a year older again. I may age but I will always be forever thankful for all the blessings that were given to me and my family.

I've never been materialistic when it comes to birthday wishes; I only wished for a wonderful and fruitful year ahead of me. Just like my wish for this year, it's for me and my family to always be in good health, to be always safe, and to have more blessings. I wish for the Lord to give me more patience with all the adjustments that I'm having now. For me to continue learning in all aspects of life.

But this year will be an exception. I am honestly craving for this specific material wish and I am wishing this for my birthday wish - and I really really really like to have this. *grin*

Now, this. 

I'd like to have a Nikon D90, my pangarap na DSLR! LOL!

I really want to hone my skill in photography but I know a point and shoot is not enough to learn like a pro. Although, I believe that photography is not really about the camera but it is how you see things beyond the lens. Nevertheless, it wouldn't hurt to wish for one, right?! *grin*

But you see, I am already this close to having one, but it has to be set aside since my priorities in my life has to be rearranged - wants vs. needs. And now that I have a baby, I guess having it will be the last on my list.

I just hope my half-brother is right when he said to me, "sana mag dilang anghel ka at maka-pulot tayo ng DSLR!" .

Sana nga! Lol!

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  1. awww.. i know the feeling. our children has to come first, no matter how much we want something. but hey, sabi nga, kung para sayo, dadating at dadating yan ^^