Through the Years: My Mother's Sewing Machine

by - 7:08 PM

If there's one thing that my mom considers as her prized possession, that would be this Singer sewing machine. I grew up with this around our house - the familiar sound of the machine while my mother is sewing my uniform in a hot summer afternoon still lingers.

I was always beside her, watching and learning. Then, I practiced.

While in my early teens, I started practicing through making clothes for my Barbie dolls. I wanted to learn to create my own dress and skirt too but I can't, because I don't like measuring sizes and making patterns. It really is a complicated task for me up until now. Lol!

Now that the sewing machine was left under my care, I have tons of sewing projects in mind now, especially for my daughter. I just realized that it really is convenient if you own one - now I understand my mom.

After so many years of not using this sewing machine, I finally gave it a try again. This time it's not about Barbie's dress anymore but something for my daughter. And for my first attempt, I finished 4 small pillowcases and 2 for her bolster pillows.

I'm so proud! I love it!

I'm still not a measuring guru, though, but I have more patience now. Lol!

Now, what could be my next sewing project? I guess I just have to browse all the pins I did on Pinterest and decide what project I will do next. 

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  1. Hi sis! ask ko lang if may winner na for your pasko sa agosto? Baka kase na-overlooked ko eh, excited much na me lol! thanks :)

  2. yes sis! kanina ko lang na-post. you can check it here.