Knot-Me Tie Skirt: First T-Shirt Refashion Attempt

by - 3:22 PM

Now that I've got my mom's sewing machine all by myself and after making my daughter's pillowcases, I finally made my first attempt to "refashion".

I came across this amazing website where I found the inspiration to do this diy. If you haven't heard about it yet, do check out Pinterest. I got to tell you, this site totally ROCKS! Tons of great ideas all over the net.

So what to do with an unused t-shirt? Well, Simply Modern Mom will definitely help you with this. With just 8 steps, you can turn a t-shirt into a toddlers skirt. Just like what I did to my red t-shirt.


A few snips here and there and with the help of one trusty old sewing machine, I was able to made this cute 'lil red skirt for CL. I really loved the outcome! So easy to make!

Til next!

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