From Boxer Shorts to Tank Top

by - 6:57 PM

I found this boxer shorts while I was on the process of cleaning up my closet. I can still remember the day it was bought ten years ago. I was with my mom and I literally begged her to buy me this because I really liked the design. And since I'm not using it for ages, it would be perfect to make something out of it. 

• the FRONT •

• this is how the BACK looked like •

• TADAHHH!!! The finished project! ♥♥♥ •

I wish I could share to you the steps on how I did this, kind of a tutorial so you guys can make one for your little darlings too. However, I'm just starting and still struggling in finishing a master piece. A lot of trial & errors you know! LOL!

So now, you can check this tutorial I've found in Pinterest, the Easy Breezy Tank from Craftiness is not Optional.

Enjoy! ♥

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