Toy Haul: Early Christmas Gift Shopping at Toy Kingdom Toy Fair 2013

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Me and hubby decided that as early as now we should start buying Christmas gifts for our... err, his inaanak. You see, he's got a lot compared to mine - from his cousin's, friend's, and co-worker's kid. And ever since we got married, I became his designated gift buyer. So imagine how I am always in a rush when it's Christmas time! Tons of people in the mall, long queue at the cashier, and no taxi available. Although I enjoy how these malls go on a last-minute-day-before-Christmas sale, but believe me, it's very exhausting! Not to mention, the Noche Buena grocery trip at a jam-packed supermarket. Whew!

But being a frugal wife to a husband with a lot of inaanak, of course, I have to look for gifts that are budget-friendly yet presentable at the same time. It's the reason why I've been on a constant hunt for sales and discounts around the Metro. Luckily, Toy Kingdom is now having a Toy Fair where we can enjoy up to 50% off on selected toys. See what I mean? LOL!

Let's take a look at our Toy Kingdom Toy Fair 2013 haul.

Sale: Php50 each (regular price: Php400)
These toys talk when you clap your hands.

Garden Lawn Trimmer & Chainsaw Set
Sale: Php300 (regular price: Php799.75)

Mike Wazowski Round Seat
Sale: Php150 (regular price: Php299.75)
If only there's a Mickey or Minnie Mouse I would get one for my little girl.

Mike Wazowski 15x18 Pillow
Sale: Php100 (regular price: Php199.75)

Baby Alive Luv 'n Snuggle
Sale: Php300 (regular price: 649.75)

Total Price: Php1,000
Total Savings: Php2,149

Wow! Php2,149 savings from the toys we bought. Thank heavens for sales and discounts! Now, only a few gifts to worry about. I guess I have to wait for another good deal or sale for our next early Christmas gift shopping. 

By the way, Toy Kingdom Toy Fair 2013 is until August 31, so you still have a few days left to buy gifts for your kids, nephews & nieces, and of course for your inaanaks! Enjoy the discounts! And according to the cashier I've talked to, there will be a Toy Kingdom Warehouse Sale this coming November, with bigger discounts! Good news, right?! I'm gonna wait for that! *wink*

'Til next! 

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  1. WOW! kadako gud sa savings! imuha sad unta ko apilan? para sa akong mga ina anak sad...

  2. naloka ako sa savings! bongga talaga. un baby alive 300 lang. nice one sis!