Drink Moderately: A Friendly Reminder

by - 12:19 AM

There's nothing wrong when you go out with your friends and have a drink with them as long as you don't drown yourself with alcohol.

However, there are still people who drink too much even if they can't go home on their own. As an adult, you should be responsible enough to know when to stop; high levels of alcohol on your system can be very toxic and fatal. 

If you have work the next day, don't drink. Your work is more important than your drinking buddies, besides you can drink with your friends on weekends. 

Definitely, don't drink and drive, or ride with a drunk friend, take a cab instead; it's much safer than having a drunk person behind the wheel.

Take care of your liver and other organs, too much alcohol can have long-term effects that will haunt you in the future.

As they say, too much of something is bad. So to all guys, and gals too, remember, drink moderately!

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