Nursing Station & Kid's Corner at Tagbilaran Airport

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Bohol will always be a home for me - that's where my mother grew up along with her 15 siblings. Yeah, that many! *grin* My mom decided to work here in Manila after college. She then met my father and had me. So basically, I grew up here. Every year or 2, we go home for the fiesta and sometimes my Lola's birthday which falls on June (start of classes).

When I was still single, I travel to Bohol from time to time, alone. However, my itinerary only includes MLA-CEB flight, then a 2-hour ferry ride to Bohol. You see, I don't like long flights. Besides, it would also take more than an hour ride from Tagbilaran airport to my Lola's house and no one's going to pick me up there. Unlike from the port where the ferry arrives, it would only take 10-15 mins.

When I got married and had my daughter, my Mom decided to relocate in Bohol and stayed there for good with my Dad to take care of my Lola, who was still alive then. Now that I'm traveling with a child, I had to bid goodbye to my usual 45-50 minute plane ride for an hour and 15-minute. It's easier to have a direct flight from Manila to Tagbilaran when you have a child and tons of baggage to look on to. And since my dad is there, I don't have to worry about who's going to pick us up anymore.

This year's vacation was my daughter's second in Bohol. When it was time to go back here in Manila, I was really surprised to see there was a Nursing Station & Kid's Corner at Tagbilaran Airport's 2nd floor waiting area! 

I know this was just new because last year it wasn't there yet. I remembered I kept chasing Izza because she loves running around the second floor. I was scared because she might fell off the stairs. 

So I'm really glad they decided to put up this room for mommies and kids. It was such a big help for people who travel with their family. It's actually a great place for kids to hangout while waiting for delayed flights. *wink*

Kids would really enjoy this playroom. They have toys for girls and boys, and they also have a television mounted on the wall where they were playing movies for kids. They had Frozen when we were there.

The nursing station is located behind the shelves. I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it, but it was actually spacious. The airport had a plus on that!

Too bad, Izza didn't get to spend more time inside the play room because the plane that will bring us back to Manila already arrived. I was actually worried that she might not go out because she was still enjoying in there.

Now I like Tagbilaran Airport better!

I do hope that all airports here in the Philippines would reserve one space for moms and kids. 

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  1. The last time we were in Bohol was when I was 5 months pregnant with my 1st baby. Now, he's 3 years old and I'm due to give birth to baby #2. How I'd like to visit Bohol next year! My hubby and I have been eyeing Bellevue for our 2015 summer vacay. I'm glad to know they now have nursing station and kids' corner in the airport now.

  2. Wait, react muna ako: 15 siblings?! Woah! Okay na ako haha. I think every airports should have a kids' and nursing area talaga because I'm sure there are so many mom travelers every day. Kudos to Tagbilaran Airport!

  3. I miss Bohol!!!:(

    Tina of

  4. I've been wanting to visit Bohol for a long time. I will plan a trip there with my son in the future.. :)

  5. Ang galing naman! Daig pa Manila airports :p I wish the ones in Manila also had something as nice as that. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I forgot to add that I really love the look of your blog :)

  7. Galing ng Bohol Airport! There are children toys to play with talaga! Like! Like! Like!

  8. This a great idea and hopefully other airports and public places follow suit. It looks clean and tidy, too!

  9. Bohol is also close to my heart because my father is from that place We visit it once in a while too :) I have seen other airports like this one. Bacolod's airport has this too and it is indeed a good idea!

  10. I've been to Bohol once and it was such an amazing experience. I'm glad they put up an airport that is kidand mom-friendly.

  11. i am here in the said airport. just hate the fact that the kid's corner is prioritized to international flights passengers?