CL's First Year Mini Scrapbook

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Last year, when my little girl turned two, a very good 'scrapper' friend gave a gift which I really really loved.

Tracy or Tita ES, as to how my daughter fondly calls her, is a crafter who's into scrapbooking. Primarily, she's doing all her scrapbook layout the digital way, meaning no scissors, or any physical or actual tool/supplies used, but only a laptop, a software, some digital scrapbook files, and pictures from digicam along with tons of creativity. I was amazed how she did all her digital scrapbook layout - very simple, precise, and not overly done. Then she tried doing the hybrid way -- with actual materials and actual finished product. 

Generous and kind enough, and she knows I'm a big fan of her creativity *grin*, she gave us this cute mini book which contains small details of CL's first year.

This mini scrapbook measures around 3x4 inches and secured by (originally) two binder rings. I just changed them into a ribbon for that added cuteness - very girly! *smile*

Take a look at of the, they're just so darn cute!

5th Month

6th Month 

10th Month 

11th Month 

the last page of the mini-book 

I just love everything about the mini book and I just love everything about my daughter! 

I would definitely want to have another mini book that has CL's 1-year and 2-year old pictures in it.

Thank you again, Tracy, for your wonderful gift! You're such a talented scrapbooker! *wink*

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