Friends! and Friends?

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In my 30 years of existence, I have met different people from all walks of life. Different personalities, different characters, with different principles. Throughout the journey, I've experienced hurt, dismay, betrayal, and disappointment. But no matter how bad it was, I've learned to be strong and stand up for myself. And with all these, along the way, I met REAL people whom I became GOOD friends with.

Get to know them. I know that at some point in your life, you've met these type of friends too. 

Read on! :)

Jealous Friend
A friend that is so jealous of the closeness that you and her big-time crush have. Making it to a point of setting up an army of scheming girls to destroy your friendship with the guy through "back-stabbing" and "front stabbing" too. Yeah, they were bad mouthing me in front of ME. LOL!

Or friends that are 'overly' friendly because they know you're so kind to grant every request they'd make. No win-win or give and take situation here, because she's the only one who benefits from the friendship that you both have. She takes everything from you, and leaves you when she's done! Now, I'm not only talking about financially here, this could be favors, services or material things. Gladly, I only met a few of them.

The "WHAT" Friend
These type of friends only remembers you when they have a question. You serve as their Google, telephone directory, or a FAQ page. You always got a text or private message that always starts with "what". They don't even bother to ask how you've been or if you're still alive! They don't even know how to 'THANK' you for the information you provided. There was really a point in my life where I already felt like I'm a Yellow Page. The last time she texted me, I didn't send her any response. 

The "I'm SO NICE" friend
This is the relative of the User-Friendly Friend and has the same quality of a Jealous Friend. THESE people --- THEY'RE NICE if they need something from you AND if they're with you and your parents. They will constantly praise you in front of other people, but when you're not around, they talk sh*t about you. Pa-bibo! *clap clap*

"Pinky Promise" Friend
Beware of this type of friend. Tell them your secret now, the next day everybody knows about it too! They just love to promise, like they wouldn't tell it to anyone, that they will keep your secret, that their lips are sealed, that it's just between 'you & me'. But sooner or later you'd find out from someone that THIS friend spilled all the beans about you. Ooohh, bad Cheetah!

Happy Friends
They just simply make you happy. You laugh together and you laugh MORE together. You just share happy thoughts, happy moments and happy memories with or without a bottle of beer. However, you're not comfortable enough to let them see your other side - your sadness, your despair. But they're always there to lift your spirit up. These friends, I call them 'tropa'! :D 

Friends for Keeps
These are REAL friends. No pretension, no competition, no insecurity, no jealousy, no nothing! But only of pure friendship that has been tested throughout the time. You quarrel, you have silent treatments, you have arguments, but there are no bitterness and hatred. You have differences but you accept them as who they are,  you respect their opinions, principles, and beliefs. They're more than a best friend, they are more like a sister, they're family. You don't need constant communication to keep your friendship alive, but when you get to see or talk with them again, it seems endless! I thank God for these friends - friends that I treasure, friends who treasure me. 

I know there are still a lot of 'type of friends' you've encountered that I haven't encountered yet, and some were even worse from those whom I've already met. However, no matter how good or bad these people are/were, what matter is how you treated them, how you've become a friend to them. Because at the end of the day, you can proudly say to yourself (and to anyone else) that you've been good and [you] never hurt anyone. 

Sadly enough, these people don't only exist in our circle of friends, but we can also find them in our own backyard.

"Friendship, is not something you learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything." - Muhammad Ali

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  1. I experienced these "Friends" :) it's really so hard to trust people these days :)

  2. Friends are hard to come by these days, especially now that I'm a SAHM. Wala akong masyadong mommy friends. Nakakainis talaga mga user friendly and those who are nice to you sa harap mo, but say negative things about you when you turn around.

  3. Haha, I think everyone has had those kinds of friends once (or several times) in their lives! Right now, I don't have as many friends as I did before, but I'm thankful that most of them are pretty much real friends. Oh, I have "what" friends, too, and they can be annoying!

  4. Only real friends really matter and you don't find them often. Thank God for these persons!

  5. One thing I learned in life, change is the only constant in the world. The close friends I have before are not my close friends today. Maybe because of distance or the path that we took. But I'm happy with my friends even they are few.

  6. Real friends are those who stay with you through different seasons. They make time for you no matter how busy life gets. They are so rare these days, that's why I value the ones I have.

  7. I only have a number of friends but I know I can count on them.

  8. I've encountered them all in high school and college! I'm glad that I have an awesome set of friends now, that even though we don't see each other as often we've still got each others backs.

  9. Yes, I think having all the kinds of friend is important, love this post!

  10. Sad truth. And the ones who would have made really great friends, you no longer connect with. :(

  11. I agree with these all. I have met quiet a few and good thing their out of my life. I valued those who would stay by me through ups and downs. Quite frankly, my cousins were one of my bestfriends because I can talk about everything including family flaws. hehehe =)

  12. The West Friend is too funny! LOL! I don't have a lot of friends but I got enough friends for keeps. Along the way, I've encountered and had been the other type of friends too.

  13. This is one of those realities that really bites! I think it also comes in age that we realize we only need a handful of friends that are real.

  14. You are lucky to have so many friends. True friends I guess are very rare like diamonds talaga. And before you can find them, you'll experience pain and have to exert effort to reach out. I lost my closest friends because of religious differences and it really sucks.

  15. Had the mistake of being friends with negative and self-serving people. I am glad that I was able to break away from them. Now, I feel blessed that though I only have a few friends, they are gems that are real and hard to find :)