{Sandwich Series} 1st Attempt - Hawaiian Ham Sandwich

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I think almost all of us has already tried making a sandwich for our own, for our family and friends. You know the usual one-spread-type-of-sandwich that we got used to while growing up - cheese, peanut butter, mayo.

But please don't get mislead by the title of this post, I do make sandwiches way back in my teens - in fact, my favorites are Tuna Sandwich and Egg Sandwich. It's just that this is my {first attempt} to make a sandwich with different varieties of ingredients in it. Unlike the usual, this time I'm going to be adventurous.

And before I proceed, I'd like to say, THANKS to my friend who introduced me to the wonderful world of Sandwiches. *grin*

Now let's have all our sandwich ingredients ready.

Here's what I bought:
  • 284 g (10 oz) St. Dalfour Blackcurrant Spread (jam)
  • 500 mL Top Choice All Purpose Dressing (mayo)
  • 222 g Chorizo Pamplona Sausage
  • 180 g Century Tuna - Flakes in Vegetable Oil
  • 250 g King Sue Sliced Hawaiian Ham (approximately 8 slices)
  • 100 g Ram Sweet Pickle Relish 
  • 165 Eden Cheese (I should have bought singles)
  • Eggs
  • Tomatoes
  • Lola Rosa Lettuce
  • Bread

The mayo & jam will be considered an investment. Why? Because these two will serve as your not-so-key ingredient for your sandwich. Plus, it will also go a long way - which means, you could make tons of sandwiches with a bottle of mayo and jam. So it's okay to buy a good brand that will blend well on your sandwiches. Just be mindful of the expiration date.

The bread is good for 3-5 days. Again, just make sure to check the expiration date.

The rest of the ingredients are good for your 2-week sandwich menu. All you have to do is to plan out your menu first before buying all the ingredients so nothing will go to waste.

Now, If you're on a tight budget, you don't need to buy an expensive type of cheese or that big tomato, or gourmet type of meat. Just a dash of imagination, creativity, experimentation and research will do you good.

Of course, before serving it to your hubby or your kid, make a test sandwich - for taste-testing, to know if the combination of your chosen ingredients turns out yummy.

There you go!

Here's my first sandwich. Enjoy!

I hope the photo gives justice! It tastes good, I promise!

Hawaiian Ham Sandwich

You need:
1 slice of King Sue Hawaiian Ham
St. Dalfour Blackcurrant Spread
1 medium-sized Tomato
All-purpose dressing
Lola Rosa Lettuce

1. Cook the ham (don't over-cook) and remove excess oil.
2. Spread a thin layer of mayo and jam, on each side of the bread. If you prefer, you can toast the bread first.
3. Slice and remove seeds of the tomato.
4. Wash and drain the lettuce.
5. Put all the ingredients on top of each other.

Estimated cost: Php 35-40 for one Hawaiian Ham Sandwich

The Verdict: Hubby loved it and gave me a warm and tight hug! Lol! He just requested to make a thicker layer of black currant jam on his next sandwich.

I'm glad it was a success. I think I'm going to make more!!! ^_^ 

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