Monday, August 11, 2014

Font Must-Have: 12 Cursive Handwritten Fonts

I am so in love with these wonderful fonts created for us to use. And I got to admit, I have a lot in my collection already, that there are so many of them sometimes I don't know what to use anymore. LOL!

Anyway, I know some of you share the same passion with me when it comes to fonts and I think it's about time to showcase my favorites among those that I have in my collection.

For now, enjoy my favorite cursive handwritten fonts!


Just a reminder, some of the fonts are 100% free and some are for personal and non-profit use only. Always make it a habit to check the terms and conditions of each font and be mindful of how you use them.


Wednesday, August 6, 2014

My DIY 2014 Planner Cover


Sounds familiar right?! I never thought that planners can be so expensive that it almost cost as much as cellphone! 

This is the cutest trend that I've seen lately; a planner with color-filled pages and with eye-popping decorative layouts, that will make your heart melt with cuteness! Especially those washi!!!

I'm a lover of planners, or organizers as to how we used to call it back then, since high school (15-17 years ago. However, never did I use, or perhaps didn't know how to use the daily, weekly, and monthly sections in it. Instead, most of the stuff written on it were songs, poems, short stories, my artworks, messages or "dedications" from my classmates and friends. 

It was only in college where I got to explore each section of the planner. I even started using post-its, colorful gel pens, and highlighters. 

It's just nice to know that until now there are others who are still in this type of hobby or practice. I even enjoyed checking out different designs of planners on Pinterest

And did I already mentioned washi? Imagine how cute they'd get with washi tapes! 

So, Filofax?! 

Would I want one? Yes, of course! 

Would I get one? No, because I can still have a planner that doesn't cost as much. Besides, I still have my trusty old college planner. 

Am I planning to get one in the future? Yes, the Filofax Original Patent Nude.

It's a wish list. But for now, I'm planning to print my own planner refills. It's going to be personalized that suits my own needs. I need to incorporate the layout to planning my business, blogging, home-making, and mommyhood all in one. So that's going to be a tough job that I'll be working on for my 2015 planner.

Right now, here's what I did for my planner - 2014 Planner Cover. 

I made the design using Photoshop and printed it on a matte photo paper.

Cut it, and punched the holes on the side.

And, here it is!

I know it's just a cover, but I was like, "I never knew that my planner would look like this ever!"

Now I'm excited for my 2015 planner!