Bohol Earthquake: A Year After 7.2

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At exactly a year, a few minutes after 8 in the morning, I received a call from my mom. 

Me: (still sleepy at disoriented dahil nagulat sa ring ng phone) Hello Ma!
Mama: (shouting) Hello Neng! Lumilindol ba diyan?
Me: Ha?! Hindi naman. Bakit? 
Mama: (panicking) Ang lakas ng lindol dito! Ang lakas lakas talaga!!! Ayan pa oh! Ayan pa oh! 
Dadi: (pinasa ng mom ko sa dad yung phone) Neng, grabe ang lakas talaga! Nakaupo lang kami dito sa garden ni mama mo, hanggang ngayon umuuga pa rin. Parang may naguumpugan sa ilalim ng lupa, pumuputok putok. Yung tanim na sweetcorn ni mama mo nahulog na sa sapa (stream), yung mga fence natumba na rin. 
Me: (shocked and speechless) 
Dadi: (on his most relaxed voice) Sa totoo lang Neng, sa tanang buhay ko ngayon lang ako nakaranas ng ganito ka lakas. Sige na Neng, don't worry about us, okay lang kami. Just pray to the Lord and you know, the Lord will take care of us. I love you! You take care okay? Take care of Izza.
Me: (worried) Okay Dadi, ingat kayo ni Mama. I love you!

At this point, I still cannot believe the conversation that just happened. This is a third bad call I got from them that year (2013); January - ancestral house was on fire, April - Lola passed away. I cannot bear to hear another bad news from them, but it happened again.

Snapped back to reality, I went out of the room and gave Shin (my kasama sa bahay who came from Bohol too) money so she could load her phone and call her family. Nagtaka siya, bakit daw. I told her, "malakas lindol sa Bohol, kakatawag lang nila Mama." Shocked, panic rushed into her, and namutla talaga siya. I hurriedly turned on the TV waiting for some breaking news, and it was all confirmed - a Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hit my mother's hometown. After a few hours, there were pictures of destroyed structures in my newsfeed na, courtesy of relatives who also lives in Bohol. 

small chapel beside Lola's property

Right now, as I am righting this post, I thought I totally got over of everything that happened. But I was wrong, and sikip pa rin sa dibdib! I can still remember the fear, the tears and the endless worries. 

ongoing construction in replacement of the burned ancestral house

It's hard to be miles away from your family who's dealing with such disaster. I wanted to be with them so bad, but the situation there wasn't ideal and practical for me and my daughter (di puwedeng mahiwalay sa akin to). I've been convincing my mom for them to leave Bohol and stay with me here in Manila so they could live comfortably instead of sleeping in papag and tents, and not worrying na mauubos na yung drinking water nila, and of course the strong aftershocks din.

I was also worried with my father who was 79 years old, that he might get depressed. There was no electricity - he cannot watch movies, he cannot surf the internet and watch funny videos on YouTube, he cannot do some research, wala siyang pagkakaabalahan. I'm scared that the earthquake may have a big impact on him that will make him regress. But you know what amazed me was what my mom said to me, 

"Dito lang kami, okay lang naman kami eh. Ayaw din naman namin iwan yung mga tao dito, yung mga taong tumulong sa amin noong nasunugan kami. Walang iwanan, sama sama kami babangon. Wag ka din magalala kay Dadi, lagi nagbabasa ng Bible at nagdadasal, hinahayaan ko lang kasi alam ko na dun siya kumukuha ng lakas."

And you see, true enough, kasi my dad was still in high spirits despite what happened.. just like the time noong nasunugan sila, ang saya saya pa nila! They were laughing and bidang bida pa kung magkuwento sa akin.

From then on, I worried less and just lifted everything to the Lord. I'm just amazed how my father's faith and my mother's compassion strengthen them. I'm just thankful they were all safe and nothing happened to them. 

Tubigon Municipal Hall (neighboring town)

Now that it's been a year, with the help of friends and amazing family (whom I will always be grateful), they were able to get by and build a small house. The walls weren't made of concrete though, because it wouldn't be a nice idea yet because of aftershocks, but at least they have roof over their heads now at hindi na natutulog sa mahamog na gabi.

It was indeed sad that Bohol lost a number of lives because of the earthquake. However, I truly admire the strength and courage of all the Boholanos beause they get to stand up again. That Magnitude 7.2 may brought down their houses, but it will never ever knock down the Boholano's and the whole Filipino's faith and humanity.

** photos grabbed from my cousin's (Mae Angeli) Facebook account.

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  1. That earthquake was really such a big tragedy. It's heartwarming though to hear stories about people helping each other out in times like these. Glad to know your parents are okay. :)

  2. What happened in Bohol was so heartrending. I know there are still a lot to be done and built, I pray to God they may be helped and that faith in Him will not be lost. It''s good that your dad and mom anchor themselves on God.

  3. Times like this, sa totoo ako hindi ko lam where to start :( pero tama, God is with your family mommy and He'll always be at your side.

  4. It's so inspiring what your mom said about staying in Bohol and how your dad coped by reading God's Word. :)

  5. Things like that really happened. Di man maganda pero it still serve a purpose. Siguro to remind us about Him. Na we need help. Na we should always hold unto Him cause anything can happen in a snap. Nakakatuwa lang yung reaction ng parenrs mo,its shows their faith.

  6. I got goosebumps reading your posts. What happened to Bohol was really devastating but we should always have faith in God.

  7. I admire your parents resilience and faith. It's really hard to be away from our love ones. But no matter where they are, what's important is for us to always pray for their safety and protection.