Nia&Bella: How it all started. :)

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Growing up, I've always wanted to have my own business. I never really see myself as a career woman signing tons of paper works and attending endless meetings. I guess it has something to do with my maternal genes; I grew up knowing my mom's siblings own and run their respective businesses. I was also 'trained' by my mom on how to handle money and do business; it didn't matter whether I'm selling stationeries at school, candies and junk foods at our gate during grade school summer breaks or selling Victoria's Secret Garden Collection as early as Grade 5, as long as I earned, I gained profit, and loved what I'm doing, I'm good with it.

But it has always been my dream on having a business where I'll get to use my creativity (this goes to my dad's genes! *wink*). I remember, I was having a vivid imagination seeing myself smiling, having my own store, creating souvenir items, jewelries, kids accessories.. anything handmade. I just love being creative and creating! There is this extreme satisfaction and inexplicable happiness whenever I get to finish a piece, not to mention the appreciation of my work that I get from other people. That is a bonus!

Slowly by slowly, I get to fulfill that dream. I wasn't really aiming of becoming big though, but I can say that I earned enough that I managed to be unemployed for 5 years.

So, aside from having my own my loading business and helping my mom with her food business, I started making fashion accessories, specifically earrings. What I did was I bought my beads and other beading materials at Quiapo and do the 'assembling' to create a pair. It was hard at first, especially the closing of eye pins and head pins, but along the way I get to discover my own technique to make it easier.

After a year or two, I leveled-up to Swarovski accessories; you know those shiny crystal beads with gold wires where they would say it's 10k daw! Creating them was more challenging; I have to be careful in handling the beads and the twisting of wires, there was no room for me to make any mistake because the materials are more expensive.

But I really did earn some good amount of money through these Swarovski accessories. However, for some (very personal and unfortunate) reason, I stopped. That was when I decided to work, which made my time so limited to create a new set of accessories.

Fast forward - I resigned, I took a long vacation, and got married and became a mom. I tried making accessories again, but it didn't last that long because my priority is taking care of my daughter. I also have to consider that having beads and wires around the house was not safe for my then toddler. But now that she's bigger, I decided to give my first love a try again. Although this time, it's not with accessories anymore.

And so, my 1st collection of FABRIC FLOWERS were born and so does Nia&Bella, a gallery of my handmade accessories and fabric flowers, and soon to my other handmade creations and craft supplies. Someday, I'm going to open the shop so all the crafty ladies out there can directly buy some crafty stuffs straight from me. But for now, since it is impossible for me to handle the production and management at the same time, my fabric flowers are exclusively available at Scrap Stash, my friend's online shop that sells scrapbook supplies - do check her out! *wink*

And did I mention that I have a long list of plans for Nia&Bella?! Hopefully, it would materialize, if not all maybe some of it, by next year. Now the list includes:

• Hair Accessories - hair bows, headbands, and the likes.
• Kids Accessories - chunky beads necklace and bracelet.
• Polymer Clay - souvenir items made out of clay.
• Kraft Projects - a showcase of arts & crafts supply made from Kraft Paper.
• Fabric Projects - fabric bunting, banners, garland, flag banner, and accessories made from fabric.
• Wedding Essentials - fabric flower bouquet, boutonniere, and corsage.
• Maternity Sash - a maternity belt with fabric flowers used in maternity shots or to accentuate a dress.
• Other craft stuffs - washi, pens, etc.
• Crafty Gift Sets - could be a sewing kit inside a mason jar, that would be cute! ♥

and, so much more!!! 

However, I could only do less; talk about being a hands-on mom with no yaya or helper around the house, which means I am an all-around mom - insert wide grin here! But I know in God's time, I would be able to fulfill all of these. 

Right now, I'm happy that I can create and earn at the same time. Thanks to my dear friend, Tracy, who is my crafty business partner, for all those endless planning, patience, and for making it possible.

Now, we're on our way to our first year and positively looking forward for more years of fulfilling our dreams!

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  1. Wow! Good for you! :) I've always wanted to get my crafting somewhere also. Someday soon!

  2. Wow!!!! :) Pretty creations! I'm happy that you're now into something you are passionate about and had made a business out of it. You could do partnerships maybe with other mommies in our blog group. :) Congratulations and wishing your business more success! :)

  3. Your products are so adorable that they make me want to wish for a daughter! I'm sure you would have a good market. God bless you on this venture!

  4. Same here, no yaya/ helper! One step at a time, in God's time we can do this! Lovely creations, keep making more!

  5. I myself tried to make accessories before (when I was still working 8-hour shifts and left me with so much time on my hands to do anything that i want) though i never really got the hang of it. Good luck to your business, Mommy.. wishing you all the best! :)

  6. Very inspiring.. Beautiful creations u have there. Will visit ur site soon coz my daughter loves flowers :)
    Btw, it's good to know that u'r an all around mom. Same here, no helper or yaya. Great feeling, right? :)

  7. Your beads creations are beautiful! I had a friend who did that about 10 years ago and she also stood out because her works were classy too. She had long shifted to bags na, no more accessories. Nakakahinayang. But your creations are so nice...the kind I will buy. There are a lot of accessories sellers but it's easy to spot the good ones. :)

  8. Your works are beautiful. :) I have been trying to look for other source of income as well. Mahirap umasa sa paycheck. Goodluck on your new venture. :)

  9. Awesome! Congratulations and may God continue to bless the work of your hands. Thank you for sharing! :)

  10. Go back to doing your Swarovski stuff please! They're so pretty! Anyway, if you need to collaborate with bloggers for Nia & Bella, you can email me. ;)

  11. I used to make my own beaded jewelry back in high school and I earned a lot doing it. I don't remember why I stopped, but I wish I didn't. You're very inspiring for making your dreams happen! We'll definitely support you on your new venture!

  12. i love your swarovski creation, anything about beaded jewelry astonish me for i can't create one, my creation doesn't look good, ahaha

    anyway, wishing you the best of luck for Nia&Bella, surely your business will go a long way :)

  13. Wow, those are gorgeous! I admire creative designers like you!

  14. I love your creative flair. I wish you'd continue; if only you'll have the luxury of time in your hands. Like you, I'm into handmade stuff and crafts. However, unlike you, my handmade card business didn't flourish at all. I didn't even make break-even but I loved what I did. Time to put the card-making on the shelf and find my other niche this time. Although I am a full-time career woman, I'm already looking for ways to earn passive income while being passionate with what I'm doing. I just don't know what it is yet. :)

    Ria C

  15. Congratulations for coming up with Nia & Bella. You are so creative Aine and you make the nicest accessories too!

  16. I used to make shambala bracelets and bought my materials and beads in Quiapo. :) Those are pretty accessories most especially the tear drop pearl set. You're very creative.

  17. I love the black and white earrings!

  18. You have talent for handy crafts like this jewelry. also, Nice to start this business, I think it will be good.

  19. You are super-talented and I want you to know to please don't give up again. We all have challenges and they make us stronger. You have a wonderful gift here and I applaud your return to making jewelry.

  20. Can I order the dangling earrings? waah, I love it..Someone told me that you should make your passion into your profit. Congrats to you and God bless!

  21. Congratulations! Your creations are so pretty. I am also toying with the idea of making my crochet hobby a business, but I'm just not sure yet. We shall see!