Yoyos - MTO Ruffled Fabric Flowers

by - 4:59 PM

Finally! After so many months, this MTO is done! I say it's the downside of not having a household help. I do all the chores and everything and I don't really have EXTRA time for these babies anymore. I'm just glad that R is very patient with me and was happy with her fabric flowers. 

So here's the story about the MTO (made-to-order). R approached me if I can do ruffled fabric flowers using her scrap fabrics as she was thinking about doing a project for her home. She wanted it for a wall frame, which was actually inspired by Crafts by Amanda's Vibrant Button Tree on Canvas - I love how she used different sizes of buttons and those colors are really vibrant! 

However, as per R, instead of using buttons she wanted to use fabric flowers. Thus, her request for the flowers; my shop, Nia&Bella's 2nd MTO.

And if you're going to ask me which one is my most favorite of the flowers, I must say I like the orange and teal combination of fabric and button. It looks so good, I never thought such combination of colors work and compliment each other. 

There you go, hope you liked them as much as I do!

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