My Feverish Little Girl

by - 4:42 PM

My little girl failed to get her afternoon nap for the past few days with all the activities we had. And because of that, I didn't allow a day pass without her having a siesta. However, when she woke up, she was feverish already.

And when the clock strike 12 midnight, she was burning hot. She vomited her milk twice and woke up several times throughout the entire night. And because she was consistent with her 38-39 degrees and began to have colds, we brought her to the clinic.

As advised by the doctor, if her fever went on for the next 2 days, we have to come back to do some tests for dengue.

I'm just glad her fever didn't even last 48-hours. Which means no more fever for her! Thank you Lord, it was nothing beyond viral and colds.

It is such a relief waking up to one happy little girl!

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