Dried Basil Leaves - A MUST!

by - 11:59 AM

I can't get enough of these dried Basil Leaves as it became a part of my pantry. I basically use this for my Pamplona Pasta, stir-fried vegetables, fried chicken, and whatever dish I could think of. That's why I MUST ALWAYS have this!

This dried basil is from J&Y House of Spice, and it's only Php8.50 for a 10-gram pack. So they're really cheaper compared to the bottled ones.

Thanks to my friend who constantly buys me Basil Leaves from Landmark Supermarket. These aren't available at Market! Market! and I don't go to Landmark because it's far from my home. So she's the one who gets this for me. And because they were out-of-stock for almost 3-months, she got 6 packs for me when they're finally back! Looks like I got a half year supply of dried Basil Leaves! Lol!

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