Little Girl's 4th Birthday! ♥

by - 11:06 AM

My Little Girl turned 4 a couple of days ago, and we thank God for 4 wonderful years of her life. We're not into big celebrations, so we had a family date instead. Besides, we went home to my in-laws a day after her birthday to celebrate with them too.

After all, we just want our daughter to be as happy as she can be on her day. What we did was we went to Kidzooona where she had 3-hours of fun inside the huge playground! We were amazed how spacious it was inside and the ball pool was big too! Then, we had our lunch at the Pancake House, which is our family's all-time fave restaurant. After that, we did a little shopping for her new clothes and looked for a new swimsuit too.

On the next day, we traveled to my husband's hometown and stayed there until the end of the week. We had our summer/birthday/family swim day and my daughter, together with her cousins, enjoyed the water! This is her birthday celebration with my husband's family.

It was really fun! And we enjoyed every minute of it. Can't wait for my daughter's next birthday, and probably we're going to spend it on my mom's hometown, because we already have plans of staying there for good. ;)

Happy Birthday my Little Girl! I love you! 

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