Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Hello There, Merry Kitty Christmas!

12.12.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

Feeling the Holiday spirit now as Christmas is just around the corner. Finally was able to use these tiny Hello Kitty Christmas balls on our tiny Christmas tree! Got them from a giveaway I joined years ago.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hello, October!

IG: @niaandbella

It's been a while and it's October already. 

Seems like yesterday as they say, but time really flies by so fast. 

In case you want to know what I've been up too lately, here's a little update about me. 

♥ CL's a big girl now. I'm blessed to have a very smart girl like her. She's been doing well in her class and she's still driving me crazy with her daily antics. 

♥ I've done a revamp with all my Instagram accounts - @niaandbella will be solely dedicated to my online shop, all pictures and other stuff were deleted especially the lettering challenges I joined. I created @aine.garcia on the other hand, which is now associated with this blog. There you will find snapshots, my lettering and anything in between my interests.
***2018 update: I'm back to @niaanbella again! It's easier that way. Lol!

♥ I'm in the middle of fabric flower production. I've made a few pieces already and about to make more. Also, now I will single-handedly take care of all the sales and marketing and I think it's about time to make headpieces for kids and grown ups too. I'll be opening my online shop anytime soon, as Christmas is just around the corner. 

♥ I'm back to KDramas once again! I've had sleepless but wonderful nights because of them. I'm done with Pinocchio, She Was Pretty, Doctors, Uncontrollably Fond, and about to finish W - Two Worlds and Cinderella and Four Knights. But since it's taking up my time, I'm not going to watch new ones yet and focus on Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo instead. This way, I can properly manage my time and still work with my blog and fabric flowers every day. 

♥ I'm back to joining giveaways again. I soooo missed receiving prizes! *wink*

That's it for now. I hope you had a nice September like I do and may we have a blessed October ahead of us.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Little Green Tomatoes

09.03.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

Just because my daughter's favorite is Tomato, my mom planted these. Here's from my mother's garden, the first 2 little from their batch.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Twinkler Scout

09.16.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

And this day has finally come, I now have a Twinkler Scout under my wings.

Nostalgic indeed. 

This pin reminded me of my Girl Scout days and the experiences that came along with it.

And yes, I still have my old pins with me.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Celebrating with Cookies & Dream

09.13.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

Selecta Cornetto's newest flavor is here - Cookies & Dream!

And because it was such an important day for my daughter, we celebrated her achievement with this yummy ice cream in a cone!

Job well done, my little CL! You always amaze me, every day. I love you so much! Continue reaching your dreams.

P.S. - great colors on the packaging! *wink*

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Ain't in Hawaii

09.03.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

I've searched the internet about this Arachnid and I hope I got this right as there are so types of this specific spider. This one is called a Hawaiian Garden Spider or Argiope appensa.

I found it under a tree and no, this ain't in Hawaii. Lol!

I saw this little creature under the Doña Luz tree and was thrilled to see this work of art. See the tiny little snobbish face on her back? Amazing, right?!

If it's not because of this spider's colorful design, I wouldn't dare snap a picture of her - I guess it's understandable why. Lol!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Three Decades

08.20.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

The day when all my wishes finally came true.

Best Wishes!

I love you both! ♥

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Passion Fruit Flower

08.15.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

Passion Fruit is known for their medicinal use, great amount of nutrients, and health benefits.

We had this vine tree for almost 2-years and we've been continuously harvesting the fruits for months now. And these 2 wonderful flowers will be soon harvested too!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

{Photoshoot} Miss Philippines Earth - Bohol

A supposedly Flower Crown Project turned out to be my first fun shoot attended. 

I probably had one of the coolest experience last week - a short one, though, but I can attest that it's something that I've never imagined I'd be doing.

My cousin asked me to make some flower crowns she can use for a photoshoot organized by her photographer friend. I happily obliged to make a pair of flower crown for her since it's been a while when I last made one. She also invited my daughter to join the fun shoot, which was supposed to happen but it didn't because my little girl can't wait long enough because she wanted to play already. Instead, we made a separate photoshoot. Lol!

Anyway, this photo session highlighted the flower crowns I created. My cousin was looking for an area nearby so my mom offered her cornfield. We also sort of trespassed one residence there - well, actually there was a worker who permitted us to use the area, so thanks to him. Lol!

I only got a few shots, though, as I am only a saling-pusa. I don't really want to get in the way of the photographer so I just took pictures whenever I can and observe while they do their thing. And it was really great to be there that day, I liked how they work together and how they had lots of fun and tons of laughter behind the scene. It was tiring too, especially when we're looking for a nice location to shoot, but it was all so worth it.

Up until now, I still can't believe these pictures came from my lens. Happiness!



Photography: Aine Garcia
Flower Crowns: Nia&Bella
Models: Gayle Suzette Yu & Charysse Jane Roferos 
Location: Calunasan, Calape, Bohol
Date: Saturday, August 06, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Funshoot with the Ladies

08.06.16 - Calape, Bohol

Photoshoot - I've never been to one and never have I tried it with other "models" except with my favorite one, my daughter. This day was simply remarkable and I didn't know that photoshoots are such a fun activity to do, glad I joined these 3. 

Thanks for making it memorable, ladies!

And if you want to check the rest of the pictures from this fun shoot, you may go here. ^_^


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pretty Doña Luz

07.31.16 | Bohol, Philippines | Photo by Aine Garcia

One of my favorite flower trees around here and my favorite background for my little girl's pictorial.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Snail Mail is Still the Best!

I'm a fan of snail mails even before the rise of technology. I had stationeries, colored pens, and stickers ready for my outgoing mail. I just loved the idea of making and receiving them and reading through it. However, when Email became a hit, it all stopped.

Or so I thought!

Amazingly, snail mail is back on the scene now. A friend shared to me that she's doing #SnailMailRevolution, and she's sending out snail mail to Australia, Sweden, Indonesia, and Dubai. I honestly loved the idea! Although, I think I'm not ready to send out mails outside the country yet. But, who says I can't right?!

That's why we came up an idea and agreed to send each other snail mails even if we talk and chat every day. 

And finally, I got my first snail mail from her!

Surprisingly, this is way different from what I'm receiving before. Today's snail mail contains "gems"! And for me who loves this kind of stuff, I'm literally doing a happy dance! Lol!

The mail includes a short letter written on a journaling card, Manila tags, ephemeras, AND a bag of Jasmine Tea! Now, you understand the "gems" that I'm talking about. *grin*

I loved everything in the mail, all of it! Indeed, the new generation of snail mail is really revolutionalized!

Now it's my turn to send one to her!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Bride's Fabric Bouquet & Flower Crowns

Yesterday, the bride of this fabric bouquet celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband. The bride is really close to me and I felt really sad that me and my family cannot attend her wedding in Manila. Instead, I promised her that I'm going to make her a bridal fabric bouquet, so that even if we're not there to witness her big day we are still part of her most cherished memories through this gift.

Thankfully, I've started making fabric bouquets already and were somewhat comfortable and confident on making such wedding piece. Plus, the bride's request is a bit similar to the first bouquet I did which made it a lot easier for me to create one.

The shades used were pink, cream, and mocha colors. Fabrics used were a mix of chiffon, satin, silk, and organza. I also used faux pearl for the flowers and a few crystal beads around the bouquet - rhinestones are hard to find here in Bohol.

In addition to the fabric bouquet, I also included two flower crowns for her flower girls. This, however, used artificial flowers; I only put them together to create the crows.



Gladly, the bouquet and flower crowns were delivered a few days before the wedding. And was happy to know that the bride really loved the bouquet.

I wish I can make a few more pieces like this and perhaps make it my creative career.

And to the bride, A, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! May you have more crazy years together until your hair turns gray. *wink*

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Lettering Challenge: End of May + Start of June

May lettering challenge was really good, I'm comfortable with my strokes and mastered the techniques on some alphabets that I was having a hard time back then. I also discovered that I'm more of a watercolor person than brush pens. Even so, I'm going to stop using them for calligraphy. Instead, I'll be focusing on honing my skills on watercolors and paint brushes.

Now on to June's lettering, I found one from @whimsicalwatermark - the #bestmirroreverchallenge. There are a lot of wonderful prompts for June's challenge and felt a bit sad because I can't seem to continue doing the whole month. My daughter's school is about to open, and I need to prepare her needs for school. So maybe, I'll be back doing lettering challenges by mid of the month or if not, by next month. But of course, that won't stop me from picking up my pens.

So cheers to the last 2 days of May #togetherweletter and the first 2 days of June #bestmirroreverchallenge.

IG: @niaandbella
Days 30 & 31
"I am forgetful!"

IG: @niaandbella
Day 01
"Hello, gorgeous."

IG: @niaandbella
Day 02
"You're a candle in the darkness."

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Round Fabric Flowers: Semi-flat Poppies

ROUND and FLAT. This is the best way to describe this fabric flower collection. 

Using the same process and fabric as CHA Collection, making these are pretty much simpler and easier than any flower I did. 

Check out the collection!