Barbie Dolls for Holiday Present

by - 5:22 PM

Probably, one of the easiest we could think of as a Christmas gift for our little inaanak, are dolls.

That's what I did. As I was having a hard time thinking about what gift to give for Christmas that suits my budget, I spotted these Barbie dolls at Market! Market! Department Store. I didn't have any second thoughts and took advantage of the ongoing sale. 

So I bought 3 Barbie dolls - 2 for my hubby's goddaughters and 1 for our daughter CL.

These two were given to the inaanaks.

The original price was Php 399.75 and paid 2 dolls for Php 300 each. Not bad, huh?

This, on the other hand, was not discounted - got this for Php 449.75 and we gave this doll to our daughter. It was a little bit expensive compared to the 2, and I think it was because of the ring included...

This doll was actually not on the plan, but I cannot take my eyes off of her - I knew I had to take her home for my little girl! Nevertheless, I just love everything about her. The combination of colors - a shade of orange and blue, I love how detailed the shoes and necklace are and I liked that it has a ring included for my daughter to wear.

The accessories included in the box

Beautiful isn't she?!

Hopefully, I could chance another discounted deal on Barbies so I could add more for CL!

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  1. Those heels... I love it!!!! Thank you for sharing. How I wish I have a girl Goddaughter or nephew.