Happy Swing with Pinypon!

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When I was young, I've always wished for lots and lots of toys - who wouldn't right?! If I remember clearly, I've been dreading to have a Polly Pocket, but it's a little pricey back then. Though my parents could afford one for me, that didn't happen for some reason that I cannot remember. Lol! So I settled with Barbie.

Now that I have my own daughter, of course, I want her to have toys as much as she could have. However, there are financial priorities; and YES, toys are really pricey nowadays, that I'd rather spend it with food!

But you know what, we should be thankful with occasions like Birthdays and Christmas. Let's be honest, these are the days where we're excited about gifts! But then, aside from the gifts, let us not forget the true meaning of the occasion, right?!

Anyway, speaking of toys and gifts, Christmas of 2014, my daughter got a very cute Christmas gift from her paternal grandmother.

It's a PINYPON!!! *happy dance*

I already came across with this toy while shopping for gifts in a toy store. It's the first time I saw it, so I presume it's just new in the market or perhaps here in the Philippines. 

And I do want to have one for my daughter, but I and my husband already agreed on giving her a Shopkins toy set as her gift. So this Pinypon is off the list. Now imagine how excited I am (YES! ME!) when my daughter finally opened her gift! 

Pinypon Little Houses Series - Swing Set

What my daughter got is the Pinypon Little Houses Series that has a green house and a swing play set. The series has two kinds of house set, this one and the house that has an apple tree.

It is so cute, and you know that the materials used were indeed of great quality. 

As I've checked, the price is Php 649.75 at Toy Kingdom

The box came with a house, a cardboard garden, a swing, 16 pieces of accessories, and 1 Pinypon figure. 

These are the accessories, plus the 2 bows on the Pinypon figure's hair.

The tub is detachable. And the swing too - didn't get a picture of it, though. 

Same as the figure! I love how you can remove the parts of the figure. 

AND THE FACE! It has 2 !!! You just have to remove the hair and turn the head around to change the figure's mood. 

So cute! Thanks to my MIL, my daughter really loved her Pinypon. If it's not for this 1st play set she got, she wouldn't get interested in Pinypon toys. And YES, we're collecting Pinypon figures already! As of this date, she got 6 figures - which I'm going to post soon, by the way, so better watch out for it! 

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  1. This is so pretty! Now I wish I have a little girl :-( But I love my 2 boys, dont get me wrong. lol

  2. I don't usually buy toys for my child. Very very pili lang. Most of her toys are gifts too. Kasi naman, plastic wrapper lang masaya na sya. Bakit pa ko bibili?

  3. Oh that's a perfect gift for baby girls! :)

  4. This is so true...we mommies tend to give that toys to our kids that we aim to have during our childhood days. I love giving her barbie dolls too (mahal pa naman) but I stop na when they easily get fed up or bored... well kids! :)

  5. OMG! Super cute and kikay sis, Ang swerte ng mga baby girl ngayon kasi ang dami ng mga toys. samantalang sa panahon namin noon unan ang ginagawa naming doll hahaha!

  6. Ang cute! Gusto ko yan para sa akin! hhahaha

    Si sati kase is not into small toys pa.. she got one before pero pinagsawaan din. Maybe a few more years, magugustuhan din nya ang small toys like pinypon :)

  7. So cute! Great that you can change the doll's mood!

  8. So cute! Now I wish I have a baby girl din.

  9. Awwwww. the pinypon is sooo cute! I miss my polly pocket days. haha

  10. Awww she is sooo cute! And the accessories, super duper adorbs! Looking forward to see your collection :)

  11. Waaaah so cute, it's too bad my little girl never wanted to play with dolls.

  12. That is really cute! I remember wanting to have a doll house when I was little but we cannot afford it, now I want to get something like this just for the heck of it! The downside of being a mum of a little boy! haha. But, yes, we tend to be overly excited with buying our little ones toys, right? They may be pricey, but the look in our children's eyes when they see their new toys are ever priceless, diba? ^_^