Holiday Travel: We Survived!

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Today, as I sat here, I'm finally feeling the exhaustion from our holiday travel. Feels like I'm going to have a fever. But anyway, at least I get to finally blog about how we (I) survived our Holiday travel.

Every year, since I got married, we spend our holidays at my in-laws' hometown in Bataan - New Year to be specific. It was easy before when we were still living in the Metro because Bataan is just a BUS away from our home.

However, now that we're here in Bohol, this was the 1st Holiday travel we did, and we literally crossed the waters to get there. And since it was the Holidays, would you imagine the volume of passengers traveling - by land, air, and water?

Bohol - Cebu - Manila - Bataan - Manila - Cebu - Bohol

That was our itinerary. We spent our Christmas in Cebu, at hubby's place, because he works there. Then went to Manila for our Bataan travel and spent our New Year there.

It was the most tiring travel ever! 2-day rest is not enough to get all the energy back! Plus, the most dreadful post-travel part are the countless laundry waiting, the cleaning, and the organizing. I love packing things better than this! Argh!

But of course, everything is worth it. We get to spend the Holidays with our loved ones, my daughter enjoyed playing with her cousins, and she definitely enjoyed riding the airplane! That, alone, is enough to compensate all the stress and restless nights - and the gastos too! Lol!

And for all you travelers out there, here's a little tip from me which really worked and lessen the "baggage" - given that your destination is somewhere you are already familiar with or staying with a friend or a relative.

Tip #1 - Bring sachets of shampoo and conditioner instead of bottles. If there's a store near the house you're staying with, you can buy there instead. If you have small containers designed for travelers, use it. It saves space and weight of your baggage. Forget bringing big bottles of perfumes or colognes, if you have a smaller atomizer, then much better. Don't bring too much makeup, bring only those you constantly use.

Tip #2 - If possible, bring 1 pair of shoes or sandals that match your planned wardrobe (see tip#5), and of course don't forget to bring your slippers. Don't bring too many accessories as well, they may end up being lost or left behind.

Tip #3 - Don't bring too much gadget! You're there to spend time with your family, to catch up and to bond with them. But please, don't forget to bring your trusty digicam! You don't want to miss to capture those moments! *wink*

Tip #4 - Ask your host if they have spare towels for you, or if you've been going home yearly or twice a year, you can just leave your towel (and extra clothes) behind so you can use it for your next visit. But if you are an OCD, better bring your own towel but not the thick ones - your goal here is to save space on your luggage. For us, since we stayed at my in-laws, me and hubby didn't bring our towels, instead, we used the extra towels there. He brought lesser shirts too and just borrowed from his father. The only towel we bring every time we go home is my daughter's.

Tip #5 - Plan out your wardrobe for your entire trip or travel, including your sleeping wear. Pair it up, or mix and match. This is the first time I did this, which really was of big help because I only brought clothes we could use. On our 7-day stay in Bataan, I paired up 3 pambahays, 1 pantulog, 3 pang alis, 3 extra blouses, undergarments of course and the one we used for New Year's eve. My daughter had a few extra pairs, though, but still, I didn't end up bringing tons of clothes that ends up unused, which always happens to me before. Ever heard of "Dala mo na ata isang kabinet mo eh!" - yeah, that kind of thing. So this one's a success. The key is MAGLABA - wash them!

Tip #6 - ROLL UP YOUR CLOTHES! I know there's a science behind rolling clothes when you put them inside the bag, and it is effective! My daughter's clothes were rolled up and stored in a zip lock bag, then me and hubby's were used to fill all the spaces in the bag.

In the end, the 3 of us traveled with only one bag + my own shoulder bag of course! :)

Sorry for my little grumpy girl, we've been waiting for our flight in the wee hours - without sleep!

I hope, these would work for you. And I hope, next year, we could invest in one luggage bag - they're a bit pricey, though. Luckily, hubby is strong enough to carry our bag around. Lol!

And if you have any tips to add on, please please let me know. I want to learn how you travel light too. ^_^

Happy 2016 everyone!!! 
If traveling with a child, don't get midnight flights. Puyat, pagod at nakakaawa yung bata! Plus, we've been kicked out from our original ETD twice! Maybe because of lesser passengers on that hour, so they need to transfer from one flight to another just to fill all the seats? I don't know. I'm just glad it's an hour difference only from our booked time. 

Purchase tickets ahead - meaning months ahead! Be always on the look out of promo fares, and take advantage of it! What happened to us was, I was left with no choice but to book a 12:40am flight because that was the cheapest left. We were able to save a huge amount, yes. But I'd prefer morning flights instead. Lesson learned here!

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  1. Hi Aine. So you're now based in Bohol? I'm from Bohol and we still have our parents' house there. I went home last November and will probably be back in April or July for a visit. Maybe we could meet up then if you are still based there :) Found your link thru Blogging Opps FB group. Happy new year :)

    1. Yes, it's been 6 months now! Please please let me know if you'll be around so we could meet up! Happy new year to you too Deli! ^_^

  2. Binasa ko palang napagod na ko sa itin nyo. Anyway, bilib ako at isang bag lang kayo.. I really need to learn how to pack light!

  3. Looks like you and your family had a great time! I agree to lessen the gadgets but never forget to bring a camera =)

  4. Great tips! The shoes and towels make a lot if difference. Thanks!

  5. Yes, yes, and yes! I also roll up my clothes whenever travelling - I don't know why or how it does it, but rolling up saves space!

  6. I miss travelling. Ang huling travel ata namin was year 2011 pa.. hahaha! :) but anyway, very helpful tips.

  7. Love the tips and will be very helpful to us. We're hoping to travel this year!

  8. We will be traveling soon to Bohol! Hope to see you there and thanks for the tips too!

  9. Wow glad you survived the holiday travel, for sure the airport and bus stations were jampacked and stressful. Thanks for sharing your helpful tips! I will keep these in mind :)

  10. Wow I know how stressful it is to travel during the holidays so kudos to you!

  11. Glad you survived the ordeal. At least you all had some fun as well and got to spend NYE with family. :)

  12. I agree with the post travel part, I don't like washing dirty clothes argh. Thanks for the tips.

  13. Wow! You really must have mastered the art of packing clothes... Galing mo napagkasya everything in a daffle bag.

  14. Appreciated the tips you have there. When travelling, we also bring shampoo sachets, very light to carry and easy to dispose.

  15. buti ka pa you can maximize your things in one bag for the three of you, ako naku kahit overnight two bags dami clothes ni kulit. Kapaagod itinerary from Bohol to Bataan then going back again. A