Little Girl's Shopkins!

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2015 was a busy year for me, and I have a lot of backlog posts that was supposedly posted for last year. But didn't happen, so now I'm making up for it. Please forgive me! ^_^

Anyway, here's one long overdue "Christmas" post that I've been really wanting to share with you.

2014, as I've mentioned here, me and hubby planned on giving our little girl a Shopkins play set for her Christmas gift.

So how did we come up with such idea? Well, we gotta say thanks to YouTube! One day, I caught my daughter watching an unboxing video of this toy. She's been watching different toy reviews about Shopkins, and even chant their "Shopkin! Shopkins!" song! And honestly, it got me too! So, I told hubby, if and ever we can find a Shopkins toy here, we would get one for our daughter.

Little did we know, this brand of toy was hard to find back then. As far as I remember, Shopkins was only available at Toy Town only!

Until one day, we went to this amazing Christmas sale event called Kids Craze in Glorietta.

And lo and behold, we found Shopkins!

We weren't really expecting to see one there because we're actually looking for different toys for my hubby's godchildren - he has a lot, I know! lol!

And we're surprised again because all of Shopkins toys were discounted! We thought it wasn't, because there aren't any signage that says it's 20% off. That's a lot for a hard-to-find-toy discount, so imagine how happy we were!

And because it was on sale, instead of getting 1 play set we added 2 more! Minsan lang ang discount, baka 'di na maulit! 

What's good with this too, the Shopkins we bought belongs to their Season 2 collection - which is the latest collection back then, so it was really a good deal.

Now, what we got was Shopkins Season 2 5 Pack, 12 Pack, and So Cool Fridge.

5-Pack set is Php279.80 {original price: Php349.75}
12-Pack set is Php559.20 {original price: Php699.00}

Shopkins So Cool Fridge set is Php879.20 {original price: Php1,099.75}

Total Price (discount applied) = Php 1,718.20
Total Savings for these 3 Shopkins = Php 429.55

Not bad! I guess, we made a good decision with this toy. Besides, it's Christmas! My little girl was really happy with her Shopkins! And also, I didn't happen to chance a discounted Shopkins anymore, so for me, it's really worth it to grab this great deal.

Plus, we also got good deals of Barbie dolls, Hot Wheels, some toddler shoes, and pre-teens dress over at Kids Craze.

Anyway, it's just good that they're not hard to find anymore. I even saw one at SM Cebu's National Bookstore!


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