Planner Perfect with Pretty Paper Clips

by - 6:01 PM

Last year, I joined a wonderful community about planners. Even though I'm a planner user for decades, never in my mind had it crossed that you can prettify it with cute stickers, dashboards, washi tapes, and PAPER CLIPS.

And if you're really into pretty cute girly stuff, you would really gush over at beautiful planners now.

So here, knowing that I have another use of my small fabric flowers and bows, I tried creating a set of paper clips that I could use for my own planner.

I used ruffled fabric flower, a polka dot fabric, and some velvet ribbon for the first set I've made. It's sort of trial and error for me - how to stick it properly so it won't fall off, things like that.

Anyway, since the first set was a success, I decided to add a new creation for Nia&Bella. Thus, the born of Nia&Bella Paper Clips.

Check them out!

Each pack consists of fabric flower, bow, and fabric page flag paper clip. What I did was, I grouped them according to their combination of colors.

Paper Clip Set {PurpleLove}

Paper Clip Set {BlueParadise}

Paper Clip Set {Confetti}

Paper Clip Set {SugarCrush}

Paper Clip Set {Pumpkin}

Paper Clip Set {Pink&Dots}

Paper Clip Set {CoffeeShop}

All Paper Clips are available at my online shop. If you're interested in getting one for you or your friend, head over to Nia&Bella

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