Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sampler Pack: Fabric Flower Bundles

Over the months, I've been thinking about other ways to sell my fabric flowers. Primarily, the shop only sells packs of the same design. However, it has limitations. Just like any item, we only use a single or two of the items we bought, but we have no choice because that's the only way we can have it - by 12s, 20s, or even 100s. 

Now the only solution for this is to sell them in bundles. Each bundle is carefully selected according to same color palette and color combinations as well.

The good thing with this is it helps you with choosing the flowers to use for your craft project and you don't need to buy packs of each flower. It's a lot cheaper this way! Because you're only paying for what you're going to use. NO extra pieces would end up being stored.

For now, the shop only has limited numbers on sale. But soon enough, I'll be adding more fabric flowers to include with the bundled packs.

So, please be always on the look out for Nia&Bella's new release.


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