Adorable! Shopkins Season 2 - 5 Pack!

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Hi, everyone! I'm going to share with you the 1st set of Shopkins hubby and I bought for our daughter.

Shopkins is a very popular line of toy collection from Moose. They are tiny, cute, grocery-themed pencil toppers that everyone is going gaga for. Made of rubber, these cuties stand more or less than an inch. They have kawaii faces drawn on them with different moods, which makes them fun to collect with. And to date, they are on their 4th season and now includes plushies and dolls.

Shopkins comes in different set of packs as well. They do have blind baskets, in 5s, 12s, 20s, and in toy sets.

This particular set on this post comes in 5s. The regular price of this 5-pack Shopkins is Php349.75 but luckily bought it for Php279.80 only at Kids Craze. That's already a steal for a 20% discount! Up until now, I'm still wishing that I could find real good deals like this. Crossing my fingers here! Lol!

The 5 Pack Shopkins includes:

• 4 pcs. Shopkins characters •
• 1 pc Shopkins character in a blind bag or mystery bag •
• 5 shopping bags, and •
• a collectors guide or instruction manual •

Now let's talk about blind bags or the mystery character - they definitely make Shopkins more exciting! My daughter was so giddy when she found one on this pack and opened it right away. I loved her "surprised" reaction when she finally saw what's inside the yellow bag. She just loves surprises which make Shopkins my top of the list toy for her - it's the added joy that makes it priceless!

However, since it is a mystery bag you'll never know which character you'll get and might end up having two of the same. For us, we did have the same character but luckily they're both in different colors, so it's still okay.

And oh, did you know that these Shopkins cuties have their own names? Well, they do! And they're very catchy!

So here they are, meet these adorable characters from Season 2. ^_^

Boo-Hoo Onion

Sneaky Wedge

Corny Cob
the mystery character inside the blind bag

Choco Lava

Squeaky Clean

I hope you enjoyed my quick post of me and my daughter's favorite toy. Please do watch out for the next one! Ciao! ^_^


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