A Dozen Cuties! Shopkins Season 2 - 12 Pack

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Hi there, let's talk about Shopkins once again! Here's the second blog post installment of our daughter's 2014 Christmas gift. Yes, I'm so guilty of backlogs! But I'm already making up for it, hence this post. ^_^

As I've mentioned in my previous post, these tiny figure comes in different packs and sets. While I have introduced the 5 Pack Shopkins, on this post I'm showing them to you by 12s.

Shopkins Season 2 - 12 Pack includes the following:

• 10 pcs. Shopkins characters •
• 4 shopping bags •
• 1 shopping basket •
• 2 hidden Shopkins or blind bags, and •
• a collectors guide or instruction manual •

This was bought for only Php559.20 from the regular price of Php699.00 at Kids Craze 2014.

shopping basket

the blind bags

and here are the mystery characters from the blind bags

These cuties are really adorable, and I guess I know why I fell in love with them. Well, aside from bookstores, I love going to groceries! It's my personal haven, a place where I release all the stress! It's a place where we're allowed to shop and spend without guilt because we know the things we buy in a grocery is a must-have for our home. Ladies, shopping has always been therapeutic, right?! Hihi!  So yeah, guilt-free shopping in there! Lol! So, it is really fun to see our favorite grocery items right in our home with their cute little faces making our little ones happy with them. Oh, and it's a great way to introduce some household stuff to our kids and what it does to our home. ^_^

"Hunny, this is Dishy Liquid. You use this soap to wash the plates after eating to make them clean."

Well, that works for us. *wink*

So here they go, the Shopkins we've got from the 12 Pack. Enjoy!

Dishy Liquid

Choco Lava

Sneaky Sue

Yummy Gum

Baby Swipes

Molly Mops

Fasta Pasta

Toasty Pop
my favorite of all! ^_^

Coffee Drip

Corny Cob
got the same from the 5-pack's blind bag but in a different color

Mary Muffin
Ohhh, this one's a heart breaker - we lost her! we couldn't find her anymore. And what's more heartbreaking is (yep until now!) she belongs to the "ultra rare" characters from season 2. :(

Olivia Oil
belongs to ultra rare characters as well

Whoever is the brain behind these adorable tiny pieces is definitely a genius! Not only you make kids giddy but you also let moms like me fell in love with Shopkins! And it's true, "once you shop.. you can't stop!"

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