Adorable Girl with a Yellow Hair

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Pinypon Figures Series 3 - Emoticons {Girl with a Yellow Hair}

One thing I like about Pinypon is they do sell small sets like this. Unlike the huge ones, this type of set only comes with 1 Pinypon doll and a few accessories. To which, makes it more affordable if you currently don't have a budget for toys. It's also another great way of growing your kid's collection if they're only interested in Pinypon figures alone. Plus, this is perfect if you're thinking of giving this for birthdays or pasalubongs for your kids or inaanaks. I guarantee you, the kids will definitely like them because they are just too darn cute - the reason why I couldn't resist buying this set!

I bought this last year as an additional Christmas gift for my daughter. I thought she wouldn't appreciate this as much as compared to her other Pinypon toys because it doesn't include a house or a car. But I was wrong! She was really ecstatic and grateful when she opened her gift. She keeps on saying her thank yous and giving me lots of hugs and kisses because she got a new member of her Pinypon family. She didn't really mind that it was just a small set because to her it is Pinypon - her favorite!

Isn't this doll cute?!

This Pinypon Figure belongs to Series 3 featuring Emoticons. The entire series has 6 figures to collect - 5 girls, and 1 boy. And if you're going to check out their site, Pinypon has different figure-themed series, from princesses to terror figures. So far, I only saw Emoticons, Tales, Prince and Princess, and the Princesses with Frog series here in our country. Oh, and the one that has a scented accessory too.

6 figures to collect from Pinypon Series 3 - Figures with Emoticons

Php249.75 at SM Cebu Dep't Store

Bought at SM Cebu Department Store for Php249.75, this set includes a doll with detachable parts and a face with interchangeable mood, a 4-piece accessory of bag, flower, heart, and an emoticon, and a collector's guide. She's the only yellow-haired girl Pinypon in this series. Given a chance, I'd love to have the girl with a pink hair bun. Too bad, this was the only set left at the store, so there's really nothing to choose from. But either way, all of them are so adorable! ^_^

Hopefully, I get to see more of Pinypon figures here. It would be wonderful collecting all these cuties!

collectors guide

interchangeable parts and some accessories


She changed her mood and I love how happy she looks! ^_^

Hope you loved this post as much as we, me and my daughter, loved our Pinypons!

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