Friday, March 4, 2016

Little Girl on Her 5th! ♥

Today is my daughter's 5th birthday and we are so proud of all her achievements at such an early age. 

Her celebration, this time, is a bit different from her previous birthdays. Since she's in school already, she requested to celebrate her birthday with her classmates. She specifically wanted to blow candles on her birthday cake, have some ice cream and eats snacks with her friends.

And we obliged. *smile*

Now that she's 5, she can really appreciate and truly enjoy such celebrations. She knows it's her day and she's been excited the whole time!

She's been doing a Birthday countdown, every day!

Every time she wakes up or even at any random time, she would always ask me, "Mommy, how many days before my birthday?!" And she really squeaks when I say it's getting nearer. Until one day, she's the one who's already reminding me how near her birthday is. Lol! Kids!

After her celebration in school, we had one surprise for her. From the school, we went a different way that is very familiar to her. She was already wondering and asking if we're going to swim. And no, I didn't answer. Instead, I continued changing her uniform to a swimwear. Until she realized and got really really excited! Lol! She loves the water, she just loves the pool. Hopefully, we could get her to attend swimming lessons so she could fully enjoy the waters. Now, that needs to be taken cared of, it's a bit hard to find swimming lessons here in Bohol.

Then after our swim, we went home and took some rest - well for her that is because I cooked dinner! *grin*

The day ended with sumptuous dinner over at my half-sister's place. It was really fun, especially the part where she opened her gifts! There's a lot of cheering going on!

Happy Birthday, my dear CL! Thank you for continuously giving us laughs with your wild and crazy antics, surprising us with your witty talks, for melting our hearts with your sweet gestures and I love yous, for being smart, and for being such a good girl.

I love you, my Little Girl!


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