Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nia&Bella's 1st Batch of Poppies

Doing these fabric flowers was a hit and miss affair for me. The hardest part in creating fabric flowers are determining the measurements, the thickness, and the perfect fabric to use to get the possible outcome you've been targeting. 

Being a first timer back then, I was determined to master my craft through trials and errors. of course, to achieve my goal there were a lot of fabrics burned and wasted. But nevertheless, the time and effort were all well spent because I have already figured out the right "ingredient" for my craft. 

One of the examples of my trials were these small organza flowers. Really, organzas are the hardest fabric to work with and the longest that I've learned to work with because they easily melt! If you're not that good in controlling the burning, nothing will be left from your material. And because of this, I don't advise to use organza for small flowers. 


This, on the other hand, I used a white ribbon and cut out small pieces to form this fabric flower. However, it looked flat. I wanted a fabric flower that somehow looked real. So I didn't continue on making and using the same ribbon/fabric again. 

Now, this peach fluffy fabric flower was a success. However, I didn't recreate the center because it was very time-consuming to make. Instead, I used different types of beads for the center detail. The use of faux pearls, crystal beads, and semi-precious stones accentuates the fabric flowers and made them more beautiful. And because they turned out perfect, this became an all-time favorite in my shop and sold out fast. I even had a huge version of these used in my 1st fabric bouquet

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