Sweet Treats from Play-Doh {Sweet Shoppe} Sweet Bakin' Creations

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Who wouldn't love Play-Doh?! This toy set has been with us for decades already - enjoyed by every generation and now constantly evolving. 

I like the fact that my daughter gets to play with such brand of play set, same as to what I'm playing with when I was a kid. I can still remember how excited I am every time I get to see those Play-Doh cans. I just love how the clay smells, and how soft they are compared to ordinary clay, of course, the bright colors, and everything about them. I guess my daughter got her fondness from me when it comes to this brand. Like mommy, like daughter! ^_^

Play-Doh is also one of the most popular gifts given to kids on birthdays, Christmas, or any type of occasion. So, if there's one thing that comes into my mind about giving gifts for kids, this totally makes on top of my list. Which is the reason why I and hubby decided to give this to our Little Girl for Christmas of 2015.

What we got for her was the Sweet Bakin' Creations from Play-Doh's Sweet Shoppe collection. My daughter loved it so much that she played with it right away after she opened the present!

Play-Doh also has nice tools, they are easy to use and easy to manage. Just like those that are included in this set. The molds let your kids "bake" cupcakes, cookies, and cake - every kid's favorite treats, right?! Lol! So imagine how focused my daughter is when "baking" sweet treats for us! 

Add a little sprinkle here and there, things like that! Lol!

Now, I wouldn't make it long, let's take a look at what's included in the box.

• The BOX •
(click the photo for bigger picture)

front                                                      back



The whole package includes:

4 small cans of Play-Doh Brand Modelling Compound
3-piece oven
plastic knife
cake server
candle book mold
extruder or icing presser
2 cupcake holders
3 cookie molds
3 cake layer cutters, and
a roller

candle book mold

cake server, plate, and a plastic knife

extruder or icing presser and roller

3 cake layer cutter

3 cookie molds and the oven

when opened

4 small cans of Play-Doh clay (love the colors! ^_^)

2 cupcake holders

small molds under the green cupcake holder

That's it! And if you want one for your kids, Play-Doh playsets are available in all leading department stores and toy stores nationwide. I got ours at Toys "R" Us in Ayala Center Cebu for Php699.75.

Enjoy! ^_^

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