Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Fabric Bows: A Hit and Miss Project

I've never worked with grosgrain ribbons before and I find it amusing that these ribbons were made of fine quality materials that made them heavy and stiff. Which, actually, is perfect for creating bows.

Grosgrain is a very popular type of ribbon used in creating hair accessories. I've seen many pieces made of these and I find them really cute.

So aside from the usual fabric flowers that I'm making, I kind of stepped out of my comfort zone and tried to do the simplest possible bow that I could make.

I bought 7 pieces of grosgrain bows and tried my hand on bow-making. However, since I only bought one size, I totally forgot that I needed a smaller size for the center. Instead, I used my fabrics to complete the bows.

At first, I find it pretty cool incorporating fabric with grosgrains... but in the long run, I find it weird and decided not to use this combination ever again. *giggles*

Anyway, this is just part of a 'trial & error' process in producing pieces. I'm just glad I didn't create too much and just had enough number for the sample bows.

And yes, I learned - grosgrains are for grosgrains. *wink





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