Sundae Scoops Mini Play Set from Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe

by - 9:55 AM

This is probably the most genius decision Play-Doh has ever made - MINI PLAY SET! Yay!

I love buying small play sets, blind bags, or any budget-toys like this for my daughter without worrying of going overboard with my budget while giving her surprises of her favorite toys. Trust me, she doesn't mind getting small play sets as long as it's one of her favorites, she will truly appreciate it! That's why it's so nice that we can already buy mini toy sets like this, or maybe I just discovered this only now. But, nevertheless, thank you very much Play-Doh! You make this frugal momma who just want to surprise her little girl with toys like these, happy. *blush*

Here's the first one we got, Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe - Sundae Scoops. We bought it for Php139.75 ONLY at Toys"R"Us. Not bad, huh? Now, I don't really need to buy a huge ice cream set because at a very affordable price CL can have her sundae scoop and sundae glasses to play with. *happy dance*

Now, here's a closer look on what's included on the pack.

1 one-ounce can of Play-Doh Brand Modelling Compound in yellow
1 ice cream scoop, and
2 sundae glasses

So there you go! Now, it's time to have fun and play make pretend sundaes with CL.

'Til next!

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