#TogetherWeLetter Days 04-10: Keeping up!

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Here's my day 04-10 of #togetherweletter lettering challenge I joined for this month. I've been seeing progress with my writing and even add some doodles on some, but still struggling with a few alphabets.

Also, I ran out of paper while I was in Cebu so I did my day 06, 07, and 08 all at once when I got back here in Bohol. But what's good is I get to use the watercolor that I've been dreading to try since the challenge started. It was good, but of course, I still need to practice more on watercolor techniques.

Here they are, enjoy!

IG: @niaandbella
Day 04 - Inspire
"Beautiful minds, inspire others."

IG: @niaandbella
Day 05 - Brush Pen
The pen I used here is ZIG Clean Color Real Brush in Light Blue. The first and only brush pen I got from the brand. It's a really nice pen. I need more of this!!! ^_^

IG: @niaandbella
Day 06 - Rain

IG: @niaandbella
Day 07 - Celebrate
Love the buntings! 

IG: @niaandbella
Day 08 - Season

IG: @niaandbella
Day 09 - Pencil
Supposedly, it should be easy to work with pencils, but then it took me longer to finish this piece compared with the others. And yeah, I need to practice on shading!

IG: @niaandbella
Day 10 - Study
"Study hard. Do good and the good life will follow."

See more of my work on Instagram, @aine.garcia @niaandbella.
**03.29.18 Update: I recently changed my IG username. You can now find me at @niaandbella. Thank you!**

Thank you!

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