Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Colorful Fabric Flowers: CHA Collection - Poppies

Who says we can't play colors with fabrics? We can! 

Shopping for fabric has always been fun. With all the eye candy surrounding you inside the fabric store, you would definitely want to buy all the fabrics there. 

That's what I did, sort of

I was so excited when I saw the fabrics, the colors were so adorable that I really want to buy all of it. But I have to stick with my budget, so I only bought the ones that were requested by my friend - she specifically wanted the CHA colors of 2014, thus naming this as the CHA collection. 

Now, the fabrics were used for poppies and ruffled fabric flowers or yoyos - which sum up the collection. 

I made two sizes for the poppies - 1.5" and 2.25" in diameter. The bigger flower is easier to make, I can comfortably burn the sides, unlike the smaller one which is very tough to make. I also used a piece of faux pearl in the center. 

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