Sunday, May 1, 2016

#TogetherWeLetter Days 25-30 + MAY Challenge Prompts

I've been lazy for the past week because of the scorching heat, that all I wanted to do was freeze in front of the fan!


I finished the lettering challenge!!!


That was a first! Makes me proud of my little accomplishment. I'm really happy! ^_^

I love how #togetherweletter went. I saw progress on my work, creative juices are starting to flow (again, after how many years), I get to discover techniques on how to do my lettering without too many mistakes (and wasted papers. Hihi!) and finding the best time to work on the challenge.

I just wish, and I'm really crossing my fingers, that I'll get to fulfill my dreams anytime soon. Using calligraphy and fabric flowers to create one unique handmade piece.

God willing! ^_^

Cheers to the last week of April Together We Letter Challenge.

IG: @niaandbella
Day 25 - Spectacular

IG: @niaandbella
Day 26 - Bloom

IG: @niaandbella
Day 27 - Grand

IG: @niaandbella
Day 28 - Fabulous

IG: @niaandbella
Day 29 - Ridiculous

IG: @niaandbella
Day 30 - Watercolor

Now I'm ready for May's challenge. If you want to join the fun, check out @togetherweletter on Instagram and get all your pens and papers and start writing now! *happy dance*

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