Sunday, July 31, 2016

Snail Mail is Still the Best!

I'm a fan of snail mails even before the rise of technology. I had stationeries, colored pens, and stickers ready for my outgoing mail. I just loved the idea of making and receiving them and reading through it. However, when Email became a hit, it all stopped.

Or so I thought!

Amazingly, snail mail is back on the scene now. A friend shared to me that she's doing #SnailMailRevolution, and she's sending out snail mail to Australia, Sweden, Indonesia, and Dubai. I honestly loved the idea! Although, I think I'm not ready to send out mails outside the country yet. But, who says I can't right?!

That's why we came up an idea and agreed to send each other snail mails even if we talk and chat every day. 

And finally, I got my first snail mail from her!

Surprisingly, this is way different from what I'm receiving before. Today's snail mail contains "gems"! And for me who loves this kind of stuff, I'm literally doing a happy dance! Lol!

The mail includes a short letter written on a journaling card, Manila tags, ephemeras, AND a bag of Jasmine Tea! Now, you understand the "gems" that I'm talking about. *grin*

I loved everything in the mail, all of it! Indeed, the new generation of snail mail is really revolutionalized!

Now it's my turn to send one to her!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July Bride's Fabric Bouquet & Flower Crowns

Yesterday, the bride of this fabric bouquet celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband. The bride is really close to me and I felt really sad that me and my family cannot attend her wedding in Manila. Instead, I promised her that I'm going to make her a bridal fabric bouquet, so that even if we're not there to witness her big day we are still part of her most cherished memories through this gift.

Thankfully, I've started making fabric bouquets already and were somewhat comfortable and confident on making such wedding piece. Plus, the bride's request is a bit similar to the first bouquet I did which made it a lot easier for me to create one.

The shades used were pink, cream, and mocha colors. Fabrics used were a mix of chiffon, satin, silk, and organza. I also used faux pearl for the flowers and a few crystal beads around the bouquet - rhinestones are hard to find here in Bohol.

In addition to the fabric bouquet, I also included two flower crowns for her flower girls. This, however, used artificial flowers; I only put them together to create the crows.



Gladly, the bouquet and flower crowns were delivered a few days before the wedding. And was happy to know that the bride really loved the bouquet.

I wish I can make a few more pieces like this and perhaps make it my creative career.

And to the bride, A, Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! May you have more crazy years together until your hair turns gray. *wink*