Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Glimpse of My 2016

CL transferred to a different school. It's a bit far  from home but I like the school better than the first one. Although, her first few weeks were a bit rough, with all the bullying and stuff, everything is smooth and well now especially with her new classmates. And along with it, I became more devoted on my pre-schooler. I really enjoyed preparing her school stuff everyday and discovered her learning capabilities.

CL's learning the Visayan dialect now and I'm really amazed that she's learning fast. She's even more adept than her dad. Lol!

CL had an accident that injured her right arm. I'll right about it more in the next few days. She also lost her two bottom front teeth and finally welcomed her first pair of permanent teeth.

I took a set back on making fabric flowers and focused more on practicing my calligraphy skills. I tried different writing medium and discovered I'm more in love with dip pens and watercolors.

Me, my daughter, and especially by husband has finally adjusted our life in this small island of Bohol.

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