Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello, Snail Mail!

Another snail mail for me! Yay!

It's been a long time and I'm so glad to get another one from my friend. We're both busy that's why it took long before a mail has been sent, but it's okay! No pressure at all, as long as we enjoyed sending and receiving... that's what is more important! *smile*

This mail is a bit different from what I first got from her. The envelope already has a design, so no need to put washi or designs on it. And I like it! I'm a cat person and I love how the kitty silently napping under the drawers. I loved how she picked the perfect stationery for this snail mail.

The letter is longer than the last one as well. And as always, the letter is meaningful and thoughtfully handwritten by a good friend. Thank you, thank you!

I also liked how my friend came up with all the cute stuff included in the mail. The handwritten letter, of course, lovely ephemeras, and 1 sticker sheet cut into half to fit in the envelope.

By the way, the sticker is personally made by her. Doodled, digitized, and printed by my friend.

And the ephemeras or die cuts, on the other hand, came from Rosie's Studio and Pink Paislee.

Loved everything! Thank you! 'Til next snail mail.