Mini Haul: Rosie's Studio is here!

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One thing I like about living away from the city is I can control my spending spree on arts and crafts supplies. But the worst thing is I've been dreading for months on buying additional Rosie's Studio Designer Papers, which can only be found in Cebu, and we will only be back there on CL's sem-break. I haven't been in Tagbilaran for a long time as well, so I'm not sure if we have Rosie's Studio here in Bohol already.

Not until today.

Earlier, we had a quick trip to Island City Mall in Tagbilaran to look for CL's sportswear for her school's Foundation Day. And you wouldn't imagine how excited I am when I finally saw the newly renovated National Book Store there! Oh, my! We hurriedly went inside NBS and searched through each aisle to see if they have Rosie's Studio now. And surprise, surprise! They have! *happy dance*

My heart is jumping for joy and seeing all Rosie's Studio supplies is actually beyond expectation. I thought it will just only occupy a small space but then, unexpectedly, Rosie's Studio occupies almost more than half of the hobbies and crafts shelf.

Amazingly, aside from designer papers, die cuts, and clear stamps, there were foil numbers, foil clear stickers, sticker embellishment pack, craft stencil, decorative brads, embellishment packs, flower embellishments, and more!

Every Boholana crafter's heart will really jump for joy when they see these! 

But of course, even though they're in front of me and can easily grab all of them, still, I have to constantly remind myself not to hoard! LOL! So, in the end, I only bought designer papers - 3 of 'em! *grin*

Here they are, my mini Rosie's Studio haul.

All Rosie's Studio Designer Papers contains 40 pieces of 6"x6" uniquely designed, printed quality pages.

Rosie's Studio Designer Papers {Japonica}
40 pages, 20 designs

Rosie's Studio Designer Papers {My Favourite Recipe}
40 pages, 10 designs

Rosie's Studio Designer Papers {Pink Lemonade}
40 pages, 20 designs

Lovely, aren't they?! If you'd like to check them out or perhaps hoard these goodies, just visit any National Book Store near you.

Can't wait for another mini haul. 'Til next! *wink*

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