Monday, October 23, 2017

October Mini Haul: Colors and Ceramics

I don't often buy craft stuff but whenever I chance upon National Book Store or any office supplies store I'd always look for something that I could use for my calligraphy and planner. And this month's mini haul is just one example of it.

I mentioned before that I was planning to buy a new watercolor that will give me a nice finish than the one that I'm currently using. But then, while I was in a small department store near CL's school, I saw this cheap watercolor tube set and bought it right away. The price is reasonable enough for me to try them because it wouldn't hurt my pocket if it wouldn't live up to my expectation. I also found poster colors that could be the best substitute for shimmer watercolors that looks so promising because it came from a very famous color brand, Colleen - and mind you, they're also cheap! I also didn't forget to buy my daughter's favorite brand of pencil, Faber-Castell. And of course, I indulge my love for stickers. Lol!

But what excites me the most from this haul were the ceramic ware. I got a very nice leaf soy dish, perfect for Fall, and an egg tray! Yay! I've been seeing ceramic egg trays on Instagram online shops and been wanting to have one; I'm really glad that I finally got one for myself now. Hopefully, the small department store here will have an egg tray by 6s. Now I have a new palette and water cup for my watercolor - yes, they're for my watercolors! *grin*

So here it is, I'm sharing with you my mini October haul together with their prices to give you an idea of how much I purchased these arts and crafts stuff. Enjoy!

Monet Watercolour Paints in 12ml Tubes - Php159.75

Colleen Poster Colors in Silver and Gold

Colleen Poster Color in Gold - Php38.50 

 Colleen Poster Color in Silver - Php38.50

Faber-Castell Pencil in No. 1 and 2 - Php19.75 each pack

2 Somssi 'Thank You' Decoration Sticker - Php19.00 each

Ceramic Leaf Soy Dish - Php32.00

Ceramic Egg Tray - Php95.00